Common Acquisition and Sustainment Doctrine (CASD)

Check my linked in and find my group Common Acquisition for Sustainment Doctrine (CASD) 14 August 2017.

Common Acquisition and Sustainment Doctrine (CASD) Published on August 14, 2017 Adrian Stephan Managing Director at Logistics Pty Ltd


My research into maintenance work has identified the proposition for a more rigorous and relevant common doctrine approach to maintenance work in complex overarching environments. A specific environment that is probably the most complex is the defence and civilian protective services environment. The proposition, “Is there a case for a high level Common Acquisition and Sustainment Doctrine (CASD)”, needs systematic examination. The examination is inclusive of defence, immigration and civil defence elements such as police, fire and ambulance services.

This doctrine would then be the basis to co-ordinate a common approach through sub-doctrines to the acquisition and sustainment of maintenance resources. The implementation of the common doctrine could be described in documents such as Codes of Practice. A full commonality is unlikely to be achieved; but, commonality as much as reasonably possible (AMARP) should be realistically achievable. This is not intended to be an organizationally intensive process, but rather a doctrine that is implemented through a simple code of practice. It is not a “one size fits all” approach either, but a schema to take advantage of extensive extant expertise within a capstone doctrine that focuses on deriving common acquisition and sustainment practices of an element’s maintainable resources to enhance operational capacity and capability under conditions of vulnerability. The final outcome would provide Total Asset Visibility (TAV) for different scales of operations, across multiple technologies across multiple jurisdictions. Also, it sets a proposition for a common command and control function across the elements with a focus on equipment acquisition and sustainment.

Our Product

A CASD architecture for acquisition and sustainment activities is needed for our current and emerging complex operational environments. We work with you in developing a suite of machine protocols.

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