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Operations, Business Case and Technical Case

A case process in corporate governance. It supports the decision making process on investment alternatives by building consensus among stakeholders and providing a top down justification for a rational decision. Wolfgang Messener


Capacity is the cornerstone measure of operational performance. It is complemented by other measures, such as capability. Although these two terms are used synonymously, they are subtly very different.

The point of origin are the documents, usually the business and technical cases, which sets out the competitive advantage of the organization.

To achieve the competitive advantage will need a body of work generally known as operations. Operations includes two key plans: material plans and capacity plans. Material plans describe where the input resource will come from, its grade and the overall state of the resource. The resource can be either tangible or intangible. Capacity plans describe the ability to do the operations work. The two plans are the Foundation of Operations and determine the technology plan required to meet the competitive advantage. Once the material plans, capacity plans and technology plans are in place this sets the baseline for the capability plan.


The usual term applies to all factors dealing with the transition of resoures.

Our Service

Use qualitative and quantitative methods to find solutions to machine outcomes problems.


We use known methods to solve these types of problems.

We work with you to develop these key methods to achieve machine operations.

In most organizations the primary guiding document is the business case. The intention of the business case is to document, rationalise and serve as a baseline of key practices to guide the way the organization will do business now and in the future. Although the business case provides a range of guidance about the operations of the organization, its most important content is the analysis of the competitive advantage of the organization. The extent to which logistics, supply chains and operations argues and influences the competitive advantage in the business case activities must be known. It is so important that it could be a confidential part of the business case. The business case must be a living document and continuously reviewed to ensure that logistics, supply chains and operations are current to meet the changing demands of the organization to fulfill the competitive advantage.

A typical business case is essentially a financial accounting document. Management accounting and economic does not seem to be included as much as they should. For example, if the competitive advantage relies upon having maintenance tools available, this need should be reflected in the business case. In addition to the business case is the technical case. The technical case ensures that the technical aspects are documented and aligned to the business.

The competitive advantage is the state whereby an enterprise can outperform its competitors. We help you work through identifying your competitive advantages. The business case is the reasoning behind an enterprises operations, and the competitive advantage can only be sustained if there is alignment with the business case. The compelling question is: To what extent does maintenance form part of the competitive advantage and the business case in technical terms and not reduced to financial measures?

Case Closed Loop

A general closed loop system of practices which are relevant to both business and technical cases. This diagram represents the situation.

Our Service

We provide a service to align the competitive advantage of the organization of the business and technical cases. This alignment sets in place subsequent performance measures such as capability, dependability and durability to achieve competitive advantage. That is a closed loop system to achieve the competitive advantage with the capacity plan as the cornerstone plan.

We work with you to develop these key case plans to achieve operations.

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