Integrated Machine Effectiveness Protocol (IMEP)


Industry is embarking on programs for the implementation of soveriegn advanced manufacturing and operational machine technologies. Situated protocols will be needed to guide circular economy competitive advantage outcomes for the legacy, current and future machines. In particular, legacy machines may need well planned maintenance programs as they are transitioned out of usage. These programs will need thoughtful acquisition and sustainment practices for the proper management of these legacy, current and future machines used within an organization. Machine Effectiveness is the capstone measure of competitive advantage of machine operations. It is a rigorous and relevant measure for the machine technologies.

In addition to the machines that are designed, made and operated, there are also natural machines such as bees that polinate plants and need our stewardship.

Every situation is different; and we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your specific needs for these rapidly changing situations and the most competitive advantage constraints and solutions.

Our Product

IMEP is our method and process of developing the protocols to meetorganizational objectives and the protocol architecture to achieve effectiveness requirements. We follow the principles of engineering a system for its guidelines to IMEP.

SoLT - System of Logistics Technologies - is the "tartan" of technologies underpinning IMEP. Although at the present time, the word schema is probably better suited in some cases. Both usages "system" and "schema" are acceptable and determined by context. SoLT can be assumed to uncover emerging characteristics in wicked situations.

We have the passion and skills for this level of work. We invite you to share in our passion.

Please email me Adrian Stephan to request information.

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