We provide Learning, Skilling, Methods, Analysis, & Research services = f (Outcomes, Knowledge, Abilities, Skills, Experience)..(OKASE)...


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  • Adrian Stephan
  • Managing Director
  • Logistics Pty Ltd   (LPL)
  • POB 300 or 3/80 High Street
  • BOONAH QLD 4310
  • Incorporated April 1987
  • Implemented ILS/LSA/LSAR tools in ADF
  • Multi-Discipline clients across industry
  • Strong industrial and academic base
  • Focus on competitive advantage decisions
  • Focus on business & technnical cases
  • KSO details available on request
  • Quad chart available here Quad Chart
  • Focus on Threat, Vulnerability, Resilience (TVR)
  • Focus on business & technnical cases
  • Case study examples on request
  • Business operations enquiries
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Principal ANZSIC Codes

  • ANZSIC 9002 Writing and Authoring
  • ANZSIC 6962 Analysis Services
  • ANZSIC 6910 Research
  • ANZSIC 8101 Training
  • ANZSIC 7000 Systems Analysis

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  • Ambiguity, Linguistics & Literacy
  • Circle economy Circle Economy
  • Closed loop economic system Closed Loop
  • Counterfeit parts or processes
  • Critical resources
  • Data wrangling
  • Design as influenced by logistics (RCP) RCP
  • DSS Panel: LCC (2) & Learning System (3)Learning
  • Ethnography
  • Governance
  • Grounded theory study
  • Industrial ecology
  • Learning & Skilling Learning
  • Logistics maturity models
  • Machine support system metrics ($RAMDD) $RAMDD
  • Obsolescence
  • Operations Management
  • Overall Logistics Effectiveness (OLE)
  • Precision in Machine Support Systems
  • Process maps and models Process Maps
  • Project Support Solution Transition (PSST)
  • Resilience Based Logistics (RBL) RCP
  • Risk (RBP) RCP
  • Sector Economics
  • Strategic resources
  • Sustainability (RCP) RCP
  • Threat Threat
  • Tooling Tooling
  • Vulnerability Vulnerability


The aim of this site is to provide the visitor with a succinct insight into the range and depth of wicked issues to be considered in the support of machine systems. It can be thought of as an introduction to our KSO, a source of subject topical information, a road map that can be used to navigate your planning, a checklist for specialists, or awake the inquiring mind of others. Or, as attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt you can "Learn from the mistakes of others as you can't live long enough to make them all yourself".

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