Job Shop Service

Our Job Shop Service is aimed at those abnormal events or disruptions to the family of logistics analysis tasks (Our Services) that are challenges, difficult or inhibitors to the otherwise normal, smooth, planned, and timely flow of work. These tasks are usually indeterminate or unexpected in terms of their size, demand rate and quantity. As such they cannot be planned for; but, they need a focused and responsive approach to resolve the situation and get the work back on proper priority. The Job Shop service offers a flexible and affordable approach to enable a client to rapidly engage a resource to meet this need without involving layers of administration and other "on-costs".

This service uses proactive problem solving leadership of applied integrated skills and knowledge to resolve these abnormal or disruptive situations to the planned flow of work.

Examples of the services includes:

Process Use the Task Plan Form to describe the work that you want done. Or, use your own similar documentation if you prefer. Please email me Adrian Stephan if you need help to define or describe the problem. Send the form to me to discuss and agree on scope, schedule and cost.

The benefits of this service are:

The value of this service is that solutions are:

The type of services we offer includes:

The scope of services are those listed in the Services Page.

Credit card facilities are available on request. Credit Card Logos

For additional information about our virtual service, please email me Adrian Stephan.

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