Learning and Skilling

DSS Panel Selection.

We are appointed to the DSS Panel.

Our appointment covers.

Please contact me for additional information Adrian Stephan or phone/SMS +61 4 1143 0064.

Types of Learning and Skilling Services

We offer the following types of learning services and indicative timing for topic:

Delivery Mode

Mode as negotiated, but a combination of media will be used.

Typical Basic Courses.

Code Course (1) Duration Location * Date
EE Engineering Economics 2 Days As negotiated AOR
AA Analysis of Alternatives 2 Days As negotiated AOR
DE Durability Engineering 2 Days As negotiated AOR
FT Fault Finding & Trouble Shooting 2 Days As negotiated AOR
LSA/ILS LSA - ILS 4 Days As negotiated AOR
QM Quantitativve Methods for Logistics 4 Days As negotiated AOR
SPECENG Specialty Engineeging 4 Days As negotiated AOR
TYMAINT Types of Maintenance: RCM, TPM, etc 4 Days As negotiated AOR

* Other locations based on demand.

About Nutshell Learning

Nutshell Learning is our format for learning courses.They focus on transferring knowledge quickly and in small modules. i.e. a nutshell.

Please contact me for details about pricing, content, public, or in-house options Adrian Stephan.

Available Topics.

We offer learning and skilling services on the following subjects (1).


1. Other learning and skilling services are available, and details can be provided on request.

2. Learning services are generally developed and presented consistent with AQF guidelines; if and where relevant.

3. Learning services are available either as in-house or public options. If you want to be kept informed about the availability of learning services or need additional information; please email me Adrian Stephan.

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