Logistics Case

The case is the controlling support system document.

Our Service

Undertake the necessary analysis to develop the logistics case. That is a closed loop analysis to achieve the competitive advantage.


Understanding logistics underpins operations and leads to the proper accounting for operations and underutilization of productive resources.

The point of origin is the document, usually the business case, which sets out the competitive advantage of the organization. To achieve the competitive advantage will need a body of work generally known as operations. Operations includes two key plans: material plans and capacity plans. Material plans describe where the input resource will come from, its grade and the overall state of the resource. The resource can be either tangible or intangible. Capacity plans describe the ability to do the operations work. The two plans are the Foundation of Operations and determine the technology plan required to meet the competitive advantage. Once the material plans, capacity plans and technology plans are in place this sets the baseline for the capability plan.


Tooling is a critical aspect of logistics systems. Tools are needed to design, make and maintian machines.

Scope of Service

We work with you to develop these key plans to achieve operations.

For information about this service please email Adrian Stephan to request information.

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