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Overall Logistics Effectiveness (OLE) Plan

Overall Logistics Effectiveness is a Level 1 practices review process of an organizations logistics system. It is derived from the Japanese manufacturing industry Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to measure the performance of maintenance. Operations machines depend upon a machine support system to deliver the OEE. Poor machine support will usually result in poor OEE. OLE is a method to guide the design of a machine and its support system to meet acquisition and operations outcomes.


Machine support is not a self-actuating process. It is a complex interaction of systems: human, production, technology, operations, and machinery. If a machine support program is to deliver effective and efficient maintenance, these systems must be harmonised and at their peak performance. Managing maintenance is about how to get all of these systems working together and in an optimised manner. No matter how good the maintenance management tools are, unless they are managed correctly and efficiently they are of limited benefit. A significant aspect of maintenance systems is to address the losses and waste in terms of time, money and opportunities. Waste is often the hidden cost and not measured in the performance goals of maintenance management. This OLE program takes a lean approach to machine support systems. i.e. It first looks at the maintenance management processes and then addresses the management of waste and lossess other in those maintenance processes.

OLE is a method that uses standard methods in a combined arrangement to evaluate the effectiveness of the logistics effectiveness. The outcome is a triplet measure of logistics effectiveness. The advantage of an OLE is that it can be done quickly and provide a historic trail of effectiveness of the logistics systems to maintain machines.

Our Service

We provide a service to work with clients to develop a Logistics Program Effectieness Framework to measure how good the logistics practices are for your situation. That is, to seek and align the competitive advantagoe of the organization to the Foundations of Operations. This alignment sets in place subsequent performance measures such as capability, dependability and durability to achieve competitive advantage. That is a closed loop system to achieve the competitive advantage with the capacity plan as the cornerstone plan.

We work with you to develop these key plans to achieve operations.

For information about this service please email Adrian Stephan to request information.

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