Operational Processes

Operational processes are critical to any business. If there is something wrong with the design of the process or its relevance over time, inefficiencies will creep in that result in losses - some obvious and some hidden. We offer two levels of operational process services: process design architecture and process troubleshooting.

Total Quality Management

We apply Total Quality Management and business excellence frameworks to develop, navigate and assess the operational processes; qualitatively and qualitatively. This enables a deep insight into practices and identification of candidates that provide the most benefit from a continuous improvement program.

Process Design Architecture

We can work with your business team to support the design of business processes. We use architecture practices such as DODAF, AS/NZS 42010 - Systems and software engineering - architecture description, or equivalent and relevant specifications.

Process Troubleshooting

Given the failure of a process, by mapping the processes and studying the interactions and relationships, a deeper insight about the operations is understood. This is the essence of troubleshooting the processes.

Too often processes are glossed over without understanding them or how to measure them. Thus, the rich insights get lost.

Typical operational processes that shape and guide performance, and need to be critically understood include:

If you are experiencing losses, frustrations and other negative outcomes in these processes; we can support you.

Scope of Service

Our Approach

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