Long Title: Threats, Vulnerability, Resilience, Risk & Sustainability (TVRRS)Plan

Resilience Case Plans (RCP)

This is the link to the flow and logic of business and technical cases. Closed Loop Flow Diagrams of a Case.

The purpose of the Threat, Vulnerability and Resilience Plan is to ensure that the risks to the machine support system Integrated Logistics Support Program are based on a robust assessment of the primary risk elements of threat, vulnerability and resilience and how they are sustainable.

The general name for this process is "Resilience Case Planning".


Plan Elements

The plan will address the following elements


A threat can be described as the probability or likelihood that a specific event will occur that will cause losses that are considered damaging or destructive. Also, … an indication of something undesirable. (ACOD). Example. A product could become prematurely unavailable for any reason.


Vulnerability can be described as the degree or characteristic of losses incurred; given the threat event occurred. Also, … exposed to damage…(ACOD). Example. With only a single supplier or no alternate approved products the plant integrity will be compromised.


Resilience can be described as the ability of a system to respond to threat stimuli under duress without losing its inherent functions. plant integrity in the event the threat event occurs.


Risk can be described as “an effect of uncertainty on objectives”. (AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009). Also, … hazard, exposure to mischance, exposed to danger, … (ACOD). Example. Will we lose production because of a lack of spares?

Risk is the possibility, probability or likelihood that an adverse situation can be anticipated. Risk applies to natural and built environments. There are many definitions and the chosen definition must be rigorous and relevant.


"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." UN Brundtland Report, Our Common Future.

RCP Structure

The structure of the Plan is dveloped for each situation. It requires a specific KSO to develop a useful plan. For more information on the plan development; please email me email Adrian Stephan to request information.

Delivery Options

Services are available either as in-house or public options. If you want to be kept informed about the availability of services or need additional information; please email me email Adrian Stephan to request information.

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